Shipping Info

We want to keep the costs to you as low as possible, as well as offering the service you want, so we have come up with a few options:

Option 1.

Royal Mail 1st Class.

Tiny Parcel - £1.71 (orders up to 375g e.g 1 pack Frank Jr / Pimp Steak or a T-shirt ) 

Small Parcel - £3.30 (orders up to 1.65 kg. e.g Huge Pole + Big Dog  or Big Frank + BAHD Brat + Pimp Steak etc.)

The idea is that the dogs arrive, through your letterbox,  nicely chilled and are there waiting to for you to drool over, when you get home.

They will be posted frozen, with insulation and cooling strips. So even if the Royal Mail have an off-day, they should be defrosted but still under 8 deg C. 

N.B. Option 1 is at your own risk. 1st class is supposed to be the day after dispatch, but we can't control Royal Mail, or track the parcel. Please also ensure that your letterbox is at least a standard size (300mm x 50mm) if you want to take advantage of extra value of the Small Parcel.

If you want to be sure of 1 day, tracked delivery (and someone will be there to sign for it) and / or you want to be able to freeze the sausages yourself, maybe option 2 is better for you.

Option 2:  Carton Delivered by Courier -  £8.80 (orders up to 14kg)

Chilled (not frozen) sausages packed with insulation & cooling strips will be dispatched to you by trackable courier, with guaranteed delivery (anytime before 18:00) the day after we send them out. 

N.B. We only ship on Mondays and Wednesdays, so any orders received after Tuesday will not arrive until the following Tuesday, at the earliest.


Option 3 - Something For The Weekend?:

If you have missed the Wednesday dispatch and need some urgently for the weekend - you can, on Fridays ONLY!!!  send an Uber to collect from BAHD HQ nr Kings Cross. 

Please place your order online and, only when you get confirmation of fulfilment, send the driver to Cole & Sons 170 Caledonian Rd, London N1 0SQ.